Addiction is a chronic brain disease manifest by compulsive substance use despite harmful consequences. We can help you develop habits, new perspectives, and connections that lead to brain healing, disease management, and long-lasting recovery.


Trauma is not determined by the event itself, but by your experience and the meaning you take from it. We are practiced in helping people like you work through emotional, cognitive, and physical struggles to reframe your experiences and restore your sense of safety and empowerment.


For children, individuals, and families that are struggling to achieve a meaningful life because of mental illness, we offer our help. We’re trained to help people with a wide range of mental illnesses, apart from trauma and addiction, and we know recovery is possible.


You have unique experiences and biology that make up your past and a distinctive purpose and direction that can create your future. We work one-on-one with you to create an individualized plan specific to your needs and goals so you can live the present to its fullest.

Your plan could include one, or a combination, of the following services: individual therapy, group therapy, couples therapy, case management, and drug and alcohol consultations and assessments. We also specialize in interventions that help initiate treatment. 


We strive to assist families and individuals who struggle with mental issues caused by trauma and/or addiction. We recognize that addiction and trauma typically co-exist and specialize in carefully handling these circumstances together.

We offer our services to everyone. Whether you are a wealthy business owner, a pregnant single mother, a tech-savvy student, or a family that goes to church every week, we can help you live a balanced, fulfilling life as you work through your addiction, traumatic experiences, or mental health issues.


As a runner and disciplined professional in the medical field, Jacob sought increasingly better athletic performance. He based his self-worth and identity on achieving and controlling this and eventually turned to drugs as an enhancer. This spiraled into other harmful thoughts and behaviors leading to addictions and eventually jeopardizing his career and education plans. While receiving our help, Jake confronted damaging thought cycles, reframed harmful past experiences, and learned essential addiction disease management skills. He has entered a circle of supporters and with those connections has forged habits to live his fullest life.


Looking back, Linda remembered as a child how painful it was to watch her parents fight, but she didn’t realize the negative impact it would have on her ability to forge healthy romantic relationships. While married, she saw herself imitating behaviors her parents had shown her. Worried what it might do to her marriage and to her seven-year-old daughter, she came to us for help. She met with a therapist individually, as well as with her daughter, to process her childhood trauma, learn healthy relationship patterns, and find ways to educate her daughter.


As a teenager, Brad Whittaker made several unmeasured decisions that led him to be addicted to meth. He continually lied to his parents and stole things from his home to pay for the drugs. His three younger siblings were confused and hurt by his behavior and had difficulties reconciling their faith and family. After strong encouragement from his parents, Brad decided multiple times to change but didn’t receive the help he needed, and relapsed each time. Eventually, Brad was placed in an inpatient program where he received detox treatments and therapy and overcame big hurdles. After a year of this, Brad and his family came to us. He needed support and strength as he transitioned out of inpatient services to an intensive outpatient program. He was able to get the help he needed as he found a steady job for the first time and began night classes to earn his GED.


We’re a powerful team that offers experience, strength, and hope. To accomplish our mission:

We are optimistic. You can break free from the bondage, heal from the past, find peace in the present and confidence for the future.—We’ve seen people like you make it happen.

We create a safe environment. Whatever your story, we will treat your unique experiences, pain, and difficulties with sensitivity and compassion. Life can be scary, your therapist shouldn’t be.

We do our research. We are guided by the best available research evidence, clinical expertise, and your values. For long-lasting changes, we look for the treatments with longstanding success.

We get personal. We create an individualized plan for everyone we help. Think of it as your own road map toward that meaningful life you want, with us as your expert guides.

We focus on long-term solutions and give long-term support. For real recovery, we provide education, intervention, hope, and stability through self-exploration, hard work, and accountability.



Through a simple conversation, we’ll see if we’re the right people to help you. If we are, great! If not, we’ll help connect you with other resources.


If you’ve been recommended by a friend to see one of our therapists, we’ll plan a time for you to see them. If you’re looking for other services, we’ll make arrangements for those as well.


Want to know what to expect of your first therapy session? Want to know a little bit about your therapist? Not sure about group therapy? Check out these links or call us. We’re an open book.


Connect neurons, connect your past and desired future, and connect with others with similar struggles. Find rejuvinating power to reconstruct your life in enduring connections.


We are committed to serving all people regardless of their race, disability, sex, sexual orientation, religion or inability to pay. We offer discounted fees for patients who qualify based upon their family size and income. We accept Medicaid, Medicare, state funding for substance abuse disorders, BPA, Crime Victim’s health insurance, and all major private health insurance. No one will be denied access to services due to an inability to pay.


We offer support and skills to people like you in order to better address life’s challenges. Ultimately, it is an invaluable investment in your physical, emotional, and mental health, an act of bravery not weakness, and a gift to those whose lives you influence. Read what others have to say about starting their path to recovery with us.


Megan and Addiction and Trauma Recovery Services have helped me navigate so many crucial times in my life, from marriage counseling to career change. I feel I’ve become a better person with more calmness and clarity than I ever dreamt possible. A real game changer for me for sure.

Mike N.


When I first came to Addiction and Trauma Recovery Services I was a mess. I was hooked on pills, heroin, and meth. With help from my counselors I was able to overcome my addictions and return to being the father and husband I’m supposed to be. I’ve been in other treatment programs but not one was as supportive and compassionate as Addiction and Trauma Recovery Services. I’m so grateful for their staff because I finally have my life back on track.

Brandon P.


Megan and the staff seem to have a unique understanding of men’s issues and how to treat them. I have never felt so understood and so helped ever before in my life. I see things in a new light now, and my life, my marriage, and my career are all the better for it.

Bob Q.